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Apocalyptica @ Fillmore New York at Irving Plaza (5/5/2008)

Logo - Apocalyptica

Artist: Apocalyptica
Venue: The Fillmore NY (New York, NY)
Opener: DJ
Date: 5/5/2008
Label: Jive Records

When I sit back and think about the band Apocalyptica, I remembered that while I was slightly curious about them, I also had a healthy dose of negative thoughts about how their premise could even work in the Heavy Metal genre. I mean, let’s be honest here – four guys on cellos playing Metal? The statement still sounds absolutely ridiculous when said aloud but truth be told it works beyond your wildest imagination. Personally, I was sold from the very first moment that I heard their album “Cult”. The release had a large amount of their originals but also presented a few tunes by Metallica and for those unaware, this was one of the first things that called attention to the group. After I absorbed the album I felt that I had once again found a group who could inspire a larger amount of bands to raise their own game and deliver more and more “difference” for the benefit of the genre. “Reflections” would be my next go at the group and while I enjoyed it all I was now compelled to see them do this stuff live. Luckily, the full length concert DVD entitled “Life Burns Tour” came out and showed the world at large just how they execute this masterful idea. The band moved on to Jive Records not too long ago and had recently released “World’s Collide”, an album that continues the bands quest for originality in their craft and like the others before it, finds incredible instrumentals mixed together with some awesome vocal tracks. Tonight at The Fillmore NY, the band would perform to a sold out crowd and be celebrating the new album and many of their other established classics. It was surely an exciting night since the group had not been in this region since early 2006 to my knowledge. I got there early enough to hopefully enjoy some interesting opening band but instead of having another group on the tour with them, Apocalyptica chose to have some DJ spinning records. Talk about a disappointment, I mean the guy didn’t even play anything edgy and instead played the same old stuff you could hear anywhere at any given time.
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