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Alex Skolnick Trio @ The Iridium

The Alex Skolnick Trio will deliver their brand of sonic smooth in front of an intimate crowd at The Iridium. This seated show is 18+ and has a mandatory $15 food and beverage cost on top of your ticket price.

Alex Skolnick Trio Announces “Europe Unbound” Tour 2017

Earlier today I saw some posts going around about the “Europe Unbound” by the incredible Alex Skolnick Trio. Now you might recall his name as being associated with the mighty Testament and most recently as a part of the Metal Allegiance supergroup and did you know that Alex was also one of the original touring company members for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra? Suffice it to say he is an incredibly talented musician and author and teacher of all manners of guitar wizardry and that makes me more than happy to share what is probably one of my very first European tour announcements. Dig into the poster and yon dates.

The Dates & Venues:
01 March: Southampton, England – Talking Heads
02 March: Chesterfield, England – Realtime Music
03 March: Glasgow, Scotland – Audio
04 March: Birmingham, England – Flapper
05 March: London, England – Pizza Express
07 March: Karlsruhe, Germany – Jubez
08 March: Nancy, France – MAI France
09 March: Fürth, Germany – Kofferfabrik
10 March: Passau, Germany – Museum Café
11 March: Habach, Germany – Village
12 March: Frauental, Austria – Bluegarage
13 March: Vienna, Austria – Reigen
14 March: Budapest, Hungary – Dürer Kert : Room041
16 March: Prague, Czech Republic – Agharta
17 March: Reichenbach/Vogtland, Germany – Bergkeller
18 March: Nordhausen, Germany – Cyriaci-Kapelle Nordhausen
19 March: Roma, Italy – Planet Live
21 March: Copenhagen, Denmark – Stengade
22 March: Milano, Italy – The Blue Note Milano
24 March: Larvik, Norway – Guitar Festival
26 March: Gävle, Sweden – CC Pub
28 March: Fehmarn, Germany – Cafe Liebevoll
29 March: Hamburg, Germany – Hafenklang
30 March: Bremen, Germany – Kito
31 March: Dortmund, Germany – Piano
01 April: Tilburg, Netherlands – Paradox

*** end of notice ***

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Obviously we cannot be a part of any of these shows unless one of our supporters has several thousand dollars to toss our way and doesn’t need it back at all so that is where you come in as readers of the website in those foreign lands. It is up to you to let us know just how awesome they were during this run of dates. I’ve caught The Trio on numerous occasions over the years and it always impresses me so if you have yet to add this notch to your musical belt then be sure to hit one of these gigs. The Alex Skolnick Trio are Alex, Matt Zebroski and Nathan Peck. What do you think of this notice overall? Should we do more of them when performers we are most passionate about are hitting the road in other parts of the world? Let me know in the comments section below. See you next time.

Official Website: http://www.alexskolnick.com

“Fallen Heroes” by Metal Allegiance

Artist: Metal Allegiance
Title: “Fallen Heroes”
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Release Date: 8/12/2016
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 4/5

As most music fans will recall, 2015 ended on a really bad note when Motorhead main man Lemmy Kilmister died of cancer. It was a jarring way to close a year and while 2016 was loaded with hope and promise, it quickly slapped us with a hard dose about our hero’s mortality when it took the iconic David Bowie and master songwriter Glen Frey from us one after the other. These three deceased legends are the musical inspiration for this solid EP by Metal Allegiance, that supergroup comprised of Mike Portnoy, Alex Skolnick, Mark Osegueda and many more. The idea for the EP came from the bands founding bassist Mark Menghi and fans will get a track apiece from Motorhead, Bowie and The Eagles. I’ll opine on each of them briefly below.
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Randy Blythe and Alex Skolnick Introduce “Unbuilt” Magazine

Despite what some might tell you, print is NOT dead and many still enjoy the medium when it comes to books, magazines and comic books. With that being said I am taking a moment to share with you the news about a new magazine that comes care of Alex Skolnick, Randy Blythe and Tom Bejgrowicz. Check out the cover and details that I culled from its website for your indulgence.

Magazine - Unbuilt 1 - 2016

From The Official Website:
“UNBUILT is a biannual, limited edition culture and lifestyle publication debuting Issue 01 in Spring 2016. Conceived, developed, and designed by Tom Bejgrowicz, Tom partnered with fellow editors D. Randall Blythe (Vocalist, Lamb of God) and Alex Skolnick (Lead Guitarist, Testament) to bring UNBUILT to life.

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Metal Allegiance @ Gramercy Theatre

Tour - Metal Allegiance - Spring 2016

The Metal Allegiance is back in the NY Groove and you don’t want to miss out on the fun if you don’t have to. This is sure to be a sellout event so act fast.