PiercingMetal Goes To NY Comic Con 2011: Day 3; Part 1

NY Comic Con 2011 was in full sway now and we had arrived at the busiest day of the whole weekend. That’s right Cosplay Fans, I am talking about the Saturday opening of the event which unless I am mistaken in this drew about 100,000 fans last year. That’s a lot of comic book, science fiction, horror and video gaming maniacs if you ask me. Today I would be flying the event solo as our good buddy Skeleton Pete needed to take care of his own side of the fence. He’ll be back for the final day of Comic Con fun on Sunday and as I had done with the previous parts of the event posts, I am largely focused on the costumed participants with this year. There were a lot of photos to share from Saturday, so please continue as my media wanderings begin now….

We Are The Media!

With the cooler than cool Press Pass you are allowed access into some regions of the Con that the general public is not permitted.  OK, for the most part its a couple of small meeting rooms with tables and some literature but in there you can set up your gear, make your notes about planned coverage and keep your phone or laptop charged if you brought either of those devices along with you.

NYCC 2011 Press Office Sign

Here is the sign for the “Press Lounge” and all I did was shoot the sign as there is not much really going on in the rooms outside of the just mentioned preparation for the Con adventuring.  Some of the press peeps were in costume and there were some Ghostbusters, but I didn’t manage to get a photo of them.

NYCC 2011 Press Lounge Sign

Marvel at the sight of this great Miss Flash.

Miss Flash Cosplay

Our fellow Press associate is Miss Cassie who works with another site and was doing a wonderful Phoenix cosplay

A Phoenix Cosplay for the Press

Back up in the main entry hall lobby we found Spider-Man joined by two of his most nefarious foes, that a Kraven The Hunter cosplay on his right and a Hobgoblin cosplay on his left.

Kraven Cosplay, Spidey Cosplay & Hobgoblin Cosplay

Here is another great Anime character whose name I do not know.  I guess I need a “Anime Characters for Dummies” guide of some kind at this point.

An Unknown Cosplay

Two great warriors are ready to strike

Hey look its Jack from all those Jack in the Box commercials.  I was suddenly hungry for a hamburger

Jack In The Box Cosplay

Bumblebee is interviewed

Tonight on "60 Minutes" - Bumblebee

A lovely Geisha Girl.

Geisha Girl Cosplay

This was the lass working the Japanese candies and treats booth.  They had Pocky which is a Japanese snack food that is to die for.  My friends at Metal Edge had them once and I practically inhaled them.  Yum.

Salesgirl Charm


This is Johnny Cupcakes mascot “Big Kid”.  They had a table and a very interesting story.

Johnny Cupcakes

I just loved their logo and they had this on some buttons as well.  I made sure to snag one.

JOhnny Cupcakes Stuff

Wonder Woman was really proving to be a popular costume this year.  Here is another one.

Wonder Woman Cosplay

This group of costumed lasses were quite charming, and I admit that I teased the one in the center for being the odd person out in the decorative bunch.  I was only kidding of course.

Supergirl Cosplay, Rogue Cosplay, Normal Girl, Wonder Woman Cosplay & Batgirl Cosplay

Here is something neat.  This is the Marvel Superhero Squad.  This online game seems great for the little ones and lets them interact and create characters.  They were letting groups of the kids play the game today and even giving them one of the four buttons that they had around.  There was a Captain America, Deadpool, Storm and Doctor Doom.

Marvel Super Hero Squad

A couple of the creative minds behind the game.  They were kind enough to give me a t-shirt (and those buttons for my collector’s Jones).

Super Hero Squad Brains

A cool Catwoman cosplay wandered by me next

Catwoman Cosplay

Over at the Hasbro section, they were giving away a KRE-O Transformer.  It was a miniature Optimus Prime and here is one of their staff showing off the goodies.

Hasbro Staffer & Mini Optimus Prime

Here is a closer view of the figure.  I didn’t take him out of the package.

KRE-O Transformers Optimus Prime

Here’s the Man Of Action Studios folks.  As you see, they are ready for action!  One of their productions is “Ben 10″.

Man Of Action Studios Booth

Next up is the “Highschool Of The Dead” booth and we shot some photos of them last year.  This Zombie Chick was posing with any willing (and brave) fan who wanted to do  that.

High School Of The Dead Zombette

There were several Japan tourism related booths at the Con this year and I didn’t remember seeing this many last time.  I guess this is focused on the whole Anime culture.  The lovely Mihoku in the photo below is a representative of “Sakura House” which seemed very nice.

Sakura House's Mihoku

Here is the Threadless Tees booth.  They had an interesting premise.  Artists can submit their designs and be a part of the shirt line and some of the money goes to charity.  That is a great idea.  Some of the artists are even doing continuous storylines across a few tee shirts.

Lance Curran of Threadless Tees

Since I was passing by her booth once again and she looked different here is our new friend Yuffie Bunny.  She runs Head Kandi.

Ms. Yuffie Bunny of Head Kandi

Really charming hats and the staff that operates the line.

I believe this young lady was supposed to be a kitten of some kind.  Cute outfit.

Kitten Cosplay

This young lady was representing Private Island Entertainment and they are an event planning and costume shop.   She was also rocking the “Princess Leia as Slave Girl” look.

Princess Leia Cosplay Repping "Private Island Entertainment"

While I knew there was some Apple Kissin Maid Cafe things going on at the Con, I think these two young ladies were merely doing the maid costumes as Cosplay.  They laughed when I said please be sure to pick up the PiercingMetal room anytime after 4pm and leave extra shower gel.  I am a sucker for hotel toiletries.

A Double Maid Cosplay

Next up the folks from Pawstar.  They are the makers of Anime fleece items and hats.  Lots of cool anthropomorphic Cosplay niceties for your discriminating dollar.  This is the owner Darkfox Shadowpaws and their banner.


Some of the Pawstar Booth

Pawstar Booth

Here is Darkfox Shadowpaws and his lovely partner Vicky Starpaws

Darkfox Shadowpaws and Vicky Starpaws

A classic Golden Age The Flash

Golden Age The Flash Cosplay

We met the folks at The Animated Closet last year and wanted to let you all know that they were here once again.

The Animated Closet

The dude from The Gemini Company was all ghouled up for the Saturday Con and he looked perfect for the wares he was selling to the populace.

The Gemini Company Ghoul

Here is the Zenescope Entertainment booth and some of their trade paperbacks and comics.   They offer up traditional fairy tales but with a more modern twist.  It all looked interesting, but sadly there were no sample copies to be examined for me at a later time.

Zenescope Entertainment Booth
Zenescope Entertainment Books

The other day we showed you that the great Neal Adams was at the Con, well we would like to take this opportunity to let you know that both Josh and Joel Adams were as well.  Each had books to showcase and were available to talk to any interested fans.

Josh Adams & Joel Adams

Here is a great Batwoman and Batgirl Cosplay

Batwoman Cosplay & New Batgirl Cosplay

I wandered past the Dark Horse Comics booth again and found both Jane Yolen and Rebecca Guay who do “The Last Dragon” at their signing table.

Jane Yolen and Rebecca Guay

This was my first time hearing about “Cyanide and Happiness” but it was quirky strange stuff that I had to photograph for you to look further into.

Cyanide and Happiness Booth

They even had a plush doll of their central character

Cyanide Plush

And some posters….

Wacky Cyanide and Happiness Posters

Archie Comics had a decent sized booth and there was one major thing that caught my attention.  Can you by any stretch of the imagination guess what that might have been?  No, then please keep scrolling.

Archie Comics Booth

Yes my friends, Archie will meet the one and only KISS.  Isn’t that a shocker.  The storyline will apparently run for four issues and it starts very soon.  This will likely be collected into a trade paperback but knowing how the KISS fans are, they will want the original issues.  I am not sure how the band works itself into the Archie mythos but it certainly has to be an upgrade from when Archie crossed paths with The Punisher.  Remember that one?  Yikes.


Archie Meets KISS

The Ten Ken books….

Ten Ken Books

“When Captain America throws his mighty shield……..” oops, I am sorry.  Moving along.

Captain America Cosplay

Just a few more images from this part of the story.

Magnet Booth

And a charming Cosplayer in a very classy dress.

Feeling Slightly Gothic

So that brings us to the end of the first segment of thoughts and images from Day 3 of the NY Comic Con. Are we done yet and are we heading into Day 4 already? No way, and not by a long shot my friends as the Saturday presentation of Comic Con is the absolute craziest and busiest of all the days that it has to offer.  I actually have three more parts to share with you from this day alone and you can head over to Part Two by clicking HERE. Also, I encourage you to please click some of the websites for the talented individuals whose booths and artwork were presented in this chapter.

Official Websites:
Cyanide and Happiness: http://www.explosm.net/
Highschool Of The Dead: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Highschool_of_the_Dead
Man Of Action Studios: http://manofaction.tv/
Marvel Super Hero Squad: http://www.heroup.com
Pawstar: http://www.pawstar.com
Johnny Cupcakes: http://shop.johnnycupcakes.com/
Sakura House: http://www.sakura-house.com/
Zenescope: https://www.zenescope.com/