Immortal in Concert (3/2010)

March Metal Madness was drawing to its inevitable close at this point and what better way to send it off in style than by having those original “Sons Of Northern Darkness” Immortal lay waste to those who bravely choose to follow them.  The gig would be at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple and find NY’s own Black Anvil as the only support and you can learn more about this gig by clicking the bands logo below as it will take you to the full article on the main site.

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  1. Avatar Sean D. Kelly
    Sean D. Kelly says:

    Fantastic article!What a memorable performance,they were really on top of their game on this one.I had the pleasure of meeting them later & they are a bunch of great people.I wish that they would do a co headliner tour with Behemoth;they both have the same level of intensity.With that said,this is going to be a hard show to top! One of the greatest Black Metal bands EVER!

  2. Avatar Tower #1
    Tower #1 says:

    I’m really upset I missed this one. I came up so fast that I didn’t even realize it had arrived by the time I remembered I had wanted to attend.

    I haven’t seen Immortal since they opened for Halford on his aborted Gods of Metal tour in 2003 (before the “break up” that resulted in their current “reunion”). I was thoroughly impressed at that time, so I’m extra upset that I missed what seemed to have been both an intimate and grand show. I’ve wanted to see this venue as well, as it sounds interesting in many ways. Hopefully the crowd response was enough to justify a return trip, even if only for another two shows.

  3. What can I say about this night that you haven’t already Ken! Definitely one of the most memorable shows for me in a long time. I missed Immortal on their return a few years ago, so this was my 1st time finally getting to see them. It lived up to the hype!
    Black Anvil was a serviceable opener. I honestly didn’t have much interest in them. They’re good, but this is Immortal we’re talking about here! Not many bands can open for them and keep my attention. I just couldn’t wait for them to leave the stage and get the real reason we were all there on! Instead of saying how incredibly awesome Immortal were, because that was one of the most evil and heaviest performances I’ve witnessed, I’ll comment on a few other things. I heard a lot of people bickering about them playing 5/7th of the new album – so friggen what! The album is great, and they just released it, so good for them to be so proud of their work that they want to play most of it live. I’m honestly shocked that the venue didn’t sell out (it could have during the show at some point, but it wasn’t at the beginning). It’s not THAT big, I’d say capacity 750-1000 people. With no other tour date within 1000 miles you’re telling me that 1000 people wouldn’t come see Immortal? I just don’t get it. I think that had something to do with it not being this big name concert venue. No one had heard of the place, no one knew how to get there – luckily I had been there last summer to see Repulsion, so I knew about the place. Oh and the heat. Dear lord, it was 115 degrees in that place. For a cold rainy night, I don’t see how that could’ve happened. I guess there was no ventilation at all. But it was Black Metal, and the grit and heat and strange venue just made it an even more memorable evening!

  4. Brutal Performance Immortal gave!
    they are all such great people, very very nice humans :D
    I really enjoyed the Set-list!
    and again really nice photos even though it was hard for all the photographers to take great shots.

  5. This was one Hell of a show!! :D I really enjoyed it
    and the pictures came out amazing! Love the review of this show..perfect! :D