Immolation in Concert (7/28/2010)

Immolation had decided to do a quick “one-off” show in NYC in preparation for their upcoming headlining tour which would find Vader in the direct support slot.  This show would be held at The Studio which is located beneath Webster Hall and the special appearance would bring along their label mates Arsis and the band Disma.  I had interest in all of the performers this evening so made sure to get there nice and early to be able to report on the whole event.  To see the full article and photos of each of the bands just click the bands logo below to be taken to our report on the main site.

Immolation had some really cool shirts and other merchandise available for sale at the gig.  I snared myself one of the new designs with the new album cover since it was so foreboding.  The band was also at their booth before and after the show to sign stuff and to take photos.  They are always interested in their fans and really awesome dudes to meet.

The Immolation Merchandise

I’ve been fortunate enough to talk to the Immolation guys over the last couple of years and they are definitely awesome Brethren In Metal.  Here’s a shot of Bob, Ross, Pete and I just before the band took to the stage.  They were amused at how both Peter and I were sporting bald (almost) domes and gave kudos when they learned it was done for the Children’s Cancer Charity – St. Baldricks.

Immolation's Bob, Ken P., Immolation's Ross, Pete M.

One Response to Immolation in Concert (7/28/2010)

  1. What an awesome little show this was! I love seeing bigger bands like Immolation still do these small shows since we only get to see them with big tour packages usually.

    As for the bands, all 3 were top notch! That was my 1st time hearing of Disma, who I’ve just gotten to see again a few weeks ago in Texas. They’re evolving quickly as a band and I think we might be seeing a lot more of them in the coming years.

    Arsis were much better this night then the last time I had seen then (I believe it was opening for Arch Enemy in Nokia?). Maybe they are finally finding a good mix of band members. I’ve always enjoyed them on CD, and they were really cool guys to chit chat with during the show as well. One of those bands that you continually root for them to do well.

    What more can be said about Immolation though? For a “warm up” show, they were absolutely spot on and looked like they were having a blast doing it. It was their hometown show so they had many friends in the crowd. They surely could’ve just gone through the motions and collected their pay check but Immolation has never been a band to do that – absolutely killer live!