Gamma Ray in Concert (1/28/2011)

The almost continual dumping of snow on the NYC region would not be able to slow down the area’s Metal heads when it came to their getting to enjoy a rocking show from a high power band and with that being said we were happy to once again be playing host to Germany’s Gamma Ray as they returned for the first time since that tour with Helloween in 2008.  Fans were surprised that the band would be traveling this route with the band Desdemon, as the group is a relative unknown and currently unsigned to a major label.  Of course as the show drew closer the word came down that the band had backed off the date due to illness and hence only the two other local rockers of Arctic Flame and Kore Rozzik would be performing.  I would only be taking part in the Gamma Ray set tonight due to scheduling and meeting with people I’d not seen before the holiday break so my tale picks up from when Gamma Ray hit the stage.  To read the full on concert report and to enjoy the photos just click the bands logo below as that will take you over to the main site.

Continuing my usual presentation of the venue marquee with the bands names on it I give you this image

Even Snow Will Not Stop Gamma Ray

I didn’t capture as many behind the scenes shenanigans this time but here was the running order & times.

The Menu for Tonight's Metal Feast