Emilie Autumn in Concert (11/2008)

Emilie Autumn is an interesting entertainer who we heard about when the whole writer/photographer thing began to take some shape. She finally performed her brand of Gothic Victorian stuff at a sold out affair at a rented venue and we made sure to be there to deliver the story. To see more simply click on the logo below to see my comments and the photos from Peter Parrella on the main PiercingMetal.com site.

Here’s a couple of other shots from the show in terms of some of the interesting things that were being presented to the Emilie Autumn fans and good little (oops), I mean bad little Goths everywhere.

Emilie Autumn Merchandise

Some cool Emilie posters and t-shirts which depicted the singer, her beloved rats and the Asylum in which they all wander.  The poster would be cool for Emilie and her group to sign which they would do at the after show meet and greet.

Art by the Scab Poet

In addition to Emilie and The Bloody Crumpets wares, we found some artwork by the Scab Poet hanging up.  It was not only on display but also available for purchase and it looked like some interesting stuff.  It was a little on the somber side which made perfect sense for the theme of the night so check her out if you have interest in this kind of stuff.

VampireFreaks Poster

The fanged folks of VampireFreaks.com had a table set up and this is one of their posters.  They had some eerily quirky stuff for sale at their table and apparently they were opening up their official store within the coming week.  Congratulations on this, we hope you do well.  Take a look at this small sampling of their wares.

VampireFreaks Merch Table

They had a bunch of cool buttons and stickers that people could take for free.  Yes, we did take a couple for ourselves as well since they were cool looking and a must for any button fan to add to their jackets, bags, etc.

Scab Poet & Jet of VampireFreaks.com

We caught sight of the founder of VampireFreaks.com in the venue, so here is a shot of Jet and the Scab Poet.

Sweet Madness Designs

Another thing we found catching our attention were the wigs of Sweet Madness Designs.  A little research gave us the scoop on this stuff and their designer manufactures synthetic wigs and dreadlock extentions.  If that’s your thing then you might want to look a little more into how to get something from her and you can do it via the link HERE