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I have already shared a lot of the trailers that were unveiled at the just held Comic Con International and a couple of them have changed my mind about certain cinematic properties that will be coming to life before our very eyes. I’m speaking about the “Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice” one most specifically since while it still strikes me as “too dark” a film, it does appear to be more interesting than I was initially giving it credit for being. Now it seems as though there is a second, better look inside the happenings of the film that is a reboot of “Fantastic Four” which opens in theaters everywhere in August of this year. Let’s watch now and discuss in a couple of minutes.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Welcome back, so what did you think? Me? Can I be honest with you for a moment? I have to say that this still doesn’t do anything for me as a fan of these time honored characters. I am unhappy with the casting, the premise and all of the unnecessary warps to canon and superpowers. The fact that this clip now gives us “Reed Richards Boy Genius” is more unneeded junk for a group that was very simple in its base back story and worked forward once they received their powers. Maybe you think I am being too hard on this one but I really don’t feel that I am. I was an avid reader of “Fantastic Four” for decades and have numerous trade editions of its original classic tales so I felt too much of what they are doing with this amounted to junk. Fox needs to have this property return to the capable hands of Marvel Studios since this just looks to be a mess of grand proportions. By the way the “Fantastic Four” comic has since been cancelled by Marvel Comics and while initial reports were based on it being the publishers response to the upcoming film, this was later reported as false. Still one has to wonder given the timing and all. What do you readers think? Has this sold you and are you putting aside time to see it? Let me know where I am going wrong in the comments section.

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