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Life Of Agony Hires Drummer Veronica Bellino

A short while ago the band Life Of Agony made an announcement about a brand new member of their lineup. Sadly, after many years behind the kit, drummer Sal Abruscato left the band on amicable terms – the news came care of the bands official website but has been circulating around the other mediums now as well.

The Scoop:
On January 22, 2018, Life Of Agony welcomed new drummer Veronica Bellino into the band, best known for her work with Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Jeff Beck, DMC, Richie Sambora/Orianthi, and Carmine Appice/Slamm. Updates on new LOA music and upcoming tour dates will be announced shortly! The 2018 Life of Agony lineup features vocalist Mina Caputo, guitarist Joey Z, bassist Alan Robert, and drummer Veronica Bellino.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: While we are going to miss the pounding might of Sal Abruscato in the lineup, I am surely excited to see what Veronica is going to bring to the table. We’ve been fans of her efforts for a number of years now and actually met her on several occasions around the NYC Music Scene. She is a stellar and deeply skilled player with chops that make other drummers say “how’d she do that”. I’ve not seen LOA in a few years based on scheduling but you can bet that I will be watching the announcements for some local dates so I can cheer on the new blood 🙂 Best of luck Veronica on this great news. Fans of the band should know that their legacy and brand new material are in very good hands. Goodnight.

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One More Down; Brooklyn’s “Bar Matchless” Has Closed (2003-2018)

A few nights ago I heard some chatter about the final days of the Bar Matchless being on the horizon and I am sad to to share the news that this intimate pub and live music space in Greenpoint, Brooklyn has ceased operation as of January 9th – it’s last hurrah. Below the logo I’ve shared the owners statement.

Dear Friends and Family, We’re devastated to announce that tonight will be our last night at Bar Matchless. Please come by and celebrate the good times one last time. We could also use some help breaking down the bar tomorrow and Wednesday so if you’re around and can pitch in we’d love to have you. Thanks to all of you for 15 great years. #partysover #greenpointforever #barmatchless

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Just a few days ago, I had shared the news about the closure of the American Beauty club which was also known as Slake to some folks out there. If you missed that post just click HERE to see it. These venues join a rapidly growing list of music venues both large and small that no longer exist and let’s go over a few reminders. Over the past few years NYC has was watched Roseland Ballroom, Sullivan Hall, Hiro Ballroom, Fontana’s, Boss Tweed’s, The Cake Shop, The Living Room, Kenny’s Castaways, The Knitting Factory (well, that moved to Brooklyn and became one club as opposed to three), Club Europa and Webster Hall’s The Studio and Marlin Room. It’s been widely reported that the large space of Webster will return eventually but the smaller rooms are pretty much finished. There are a couple that I cannot even remember the name of but yeah they are gone too. As a fan of the live music scene as a scribe and photographer, I am saddened by the increasing lack of launching spaces for bands that are looking to make a difference. Many of these shuttered spaces (Matchless especially) allowed for smaller scale bands to get a solid set in for their fans. They’d be curated by an independent promoter in most cases who was hosting a show to build both their branding and the scene. For the most part this worked out fine but now both bands and promotion sorts need to really hunt for their spaces. I realize not all of the clubs listed were Metal ones but I’d seen Hard Rock and Progressive stuff at most of them over the years.

Historically speaking, I only ever made it to Matchless once but since it was in my late Grandmother’s neighborhood, I began my visit with a walk around the once familiar territory and making sure to have a little dinner at a place that she used to go to. I really enjoyed the vibe of the place from that night and swore I would go back but it wouldn’t come to pass based on time and schedule demands. Such is life. If you were a fan of the shows or supported the place for other events please chime in down below. It’s always nice to hear what people have to say on stuff like this. Goodbye Matchless, thanks for serving the music scene while you could. We wish your owners and staff the best of luck going forward.

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EMP Label Group Signs The Killer Dwarfs

The other day the folks over at EMP Label Group unveiled their plans about an “Outlaw Country” imprint and this followed the news about the long hoped for return of “Combat Records”; Clearly they are aiming to keep the Metal hungers fed as this news about the signing of the Killer Dwarfs outlines. Check it out.

The Press Release:
Canadian Metal favorites KiLLeR DWaRfS have signed to EMP LABEL GROUP, who are set to release the band’s long awaited live set LIVE, NO GUFF in stores April 13th. 2018 will also see EMP reissues of the band’s recent catalog, including the independently released START@ONE, the band’s previously unreleased studio album from 1993, and WIRELESS, the solo acoustic release from vocalist RUSS DWARF. EMP will also release a 2019 new studio album from Killer Dwarfs, and a new studio album from RUSS DWARF.

Recorded live in November 2016 in various exotic Northern locales including Ottawa, Vancouver, Toronto, and Whitehorse Yukon, Canada, LIVE, NO GUFF is a collection of the Dwarfs at their vertically challenged finest, powering through blistering performances of 3 decades of classic tracks including “Stand Tall”, “Keep The Spirit Alive”, “Dirty Weapons”, “Heavy Mental Breakdown”, and more.

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Sadness; American Beauty NYC Club Has Closed

Though we’re firm in the belief that the New 2018 Year is loaded with potential promise, good times to be had and awesome events, there does come a bit of sadness with the tolling of the bell as it pertains to the space that once housed the American Beauty NYC club. Take a look at the official statement that was making the rounds earlier today.

The Statement: “It is with a heavy heart that we announce our doors closed after December 31st 2017. Our home at 251 West 30th Street was purchased by Herald Square Properties in 2016, who are renovating the building and renting to new tenants. We’d like to thank our loyal staff, customers and every artist who’s performed on our stages for a magical run.  Although it’s sad to say goodbye to our Midtown party factory for now, we are happy for the memories that will live on with those who experienced it. Fare Thee Well”.

club slake, slake
Club Slake (2015) by KP

PiercingMetal Thoughts: According to my records, I’ve NEVER been to American Beauty NYC but have been in the same space that it was when it was using other names on the marquee (Club Rebel and Slake for reference sake). I always had a decent time in the space and felt that a lot of the bands who were coming through were only going to be able to book shows for their regional fans here based on the size of the place. Several months ago, NYC lost Webster Hall to its new owners and potentially two-year long renovations. The smaller spaces in that venue don’t appear to be coming back in the new configuration so losing another smaller venue to development and new renters is a bit of a sad thing to me because we already had lost Santos Party House which was for many artists the perfect size space. I love seeing shows and I love when the more austere bands out there find their way into an event space like this because its perfect for their needs. Recently the bands Tyketto and Jason Bieler (of Saigon Kick) each had played here to very positive responses and so much for catching them here the next time around. So another one down as NYC seeks to stop being NYC each and every month. If you were a regular patron here, I wonder what you think about this news. Chime in down below. Thanks ABNYC for serving up the music for the time that you did. Ciao.

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Stray Cats To Reunite For The 1st Time In Ten Years @ “Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend”

Hey all you hip cats and kittens, have I got some groovy jive to lay upon your psyche!!!! It’s the latest crazy in some New Year’s Breaking vibe and the press release below will showcase, The Stray Cats are reuniting. I’m sharing this all with you and can attest to it totally being on the square.

The Press Release:
Brian Setzer, Lee Rocker and Slim Jim Phantom–original founding members of the acclaimed American Rockabilly trio, the STRAY CATS–will reunite for their first North American performance in 10 years on Saturday, April 21 in Las Vegas at The Orleans when they headline “Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend.” The iconic group, known for their high-energy performances with hits such as “Stray Cat Strut,” “(She’s) Sexy + 17,” and “Rock This Town,” are honored to share the stage with such musical legends as Jerry Lee Lewis and Duane Eddy.

“There’s something magic about a Stray Cats show, Viva Las Vegas is the perfect event to experience that. C’mon down and Rock This Town!” –Brian Setzer

“Just a string bass, a guitar and a drum, Stray Cats are back to show em how it’s done. 39 years after our first gigs, we’re back! Can’t wait to Rock again with my brothers Brian and Slim.” –Lee Rocker

“Happy and thrilled to be hitting the stage with the Cats at Viva Las Vegas. We’re The Rockabilly Kings back to reclaim our throne!” –Slim Jim

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